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Magic Creations

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Our unique and flavourful Magic Creations products are specifically designed with
finely selected ingredients, adding profits and meal solutions to your business.
These exciting value-added options not only add big, bold, flavour to pork, beef,
fish, poultry and more; they also ensure that your customers keep coming back
for more! Select from a Magic Creations category to learn more.

Discover These Popular Magic Creations Programs


20-Minute Beef Marinade

This mix allows you to marinate your beef in just 20 minutes, acting as a tenderizer for those tougher cuts of meat like: round, blade, sirloin tip and cross rib steaks, transforming them into a mouthwatering delight.




Shake-On Seasonings

Exciting flavours to tantalize your customers’ taste buds and wrap their senses in the warm savoury sensation of pure magic! Magic Creations shake-on seasonings bring balanced flavour to your beef, pork, fish and poultry entrées.



European Style Glazes

Bring vibrant, exotic colours to your fresh meat and seafood counters! Our glazes are Canadian made using healthy non-hydrogenated canola oil and are lower in sodium than other traditional market glazes. Boost moisture retention and add a stunning mirror-like sheen to all of your proteins.